Face-Lift & Neck-Lift Surgery

In the past, we have accepted wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin as an unavoidable cost of growing older. Today, a growing number of people are deciding that there is no good reason to look older than you feel! Men and Women from Winnipeg and all across M.B. choose Maples Surgical Centre because of board-certified surgeons Dr. Manfred Ziesmann, and Dr. Edward Buchel. Our team of plastic surgeons has years of training and experience safely and successfully performing face lift and neck lift surgeries.

To ensure your results, our plastic surgeons will assess your skin quality, hairline, hairstyle and bone structure to determine the approach that is best for you. A face lift can be done alone, or combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as forehead lift, brow lift or eyelid surgery.

Choose Maples Surgical Centre with Confidence

Facelift and necklift surgeries have been successfully performed at our state of the art facility by our team of renowned plastic surgeons for over a decade. Our pre and postoperative care is exceptional, and combined with our patient centered philosophy will provide you with a positive and rewarding experience. We will help you regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire.

Before FaceliftA facelift can improve the deep cheek folds, jowls, and loose, sagging skin around the neck that come with age.
 After FaceliftAfter surgery, you’ll present a fresher, more youthful face to the world.

About the Procedure

Our Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons use the most advanced techniques to produce natural looking results. No one wants the overly tight and “pulled” plastic surgery look that comes from inexperienced surgeons or outdated techniques.

There are several different types of face and neck lift surgeries. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the type of facial rejuvenation surgery that best fits your objectives and facial structure.

Complete Face Lift
The complete face lift technique involves the elevation of the skin and deeper structures of the face. This advanced technique prevents the “too tight” or pinched look. Patients who want to be able to wear their hair up after surgery may choose the short incision technique, however in this approach, less neck lifting can be achieved. Long scar incisions are recommended for patients who require significant lifting in their neck. For both incision techniques, the incisions will be small and located in well-concealed areas.

Mini Face Lift
A Mini Face Lift is a less invasive surgery that is ideal for younger patients that do not have severe sagging or jowls, and patients who have already had a complete face lift but would like a touch up. In a mini face lift, the skin and soft tissues in the face are tightened to enhance the cheek and jaw line.

Facelift1. Incisions usually begin above the hairline at the temples,follow the natural line in front of the ear, curve behind the earlobe into the crease behind the ear, and into or along the lower scalp.
Facelift2. Facial, neck tissue and muscle may be separated; fat may be trimmed or suctioned and underlying muscle may be tightened.
Facelift3. Most of the scars will be hidden within your hair and in the normal creases of your skin.
Facelift4. After deep tissues are tightened, the excess skin is pulled up and back, trimmed and sutured into place.

Your New Look

The benefits of face lift and neck lift surgeries are sharpening of the jaw line, reduction of double chin, neck definition, and fuller more elevated cheeks. You can look forward to a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Final results are usually evident in six to eight weeks with continued improvement for up to six months. After that, the aging process continues. Your lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure and genetics all play a role in determining the extent and longevity of your results.

Next Steps

When you are ready, continue the conversation with us by requesting a consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons. During your consultation, your surgeon and patient care adviser will discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • Incision techniques
  • Potential risks and complications
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