Lap-Band fights Diabetes

Remove the burden of your Type 2 Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you know and fear the risks that come with this progressive and chronic disease. Your daily quality of life can suffer. There are long-term complications that may arise, like kidney failure, heart disease, blindness and most tragically, a shortened life expectancy.

The costs associated with managing diabetes through medication and lifestyle changes can be a financial burden and cost upwards of $15 000 a year (*Over a 2-year study period in a group of patients with an average BMI of 37. LAP-BAND® System patients received the procedure in addition to conventional Diabetes treatment and education.) Despite these costs, these conventional treatments have only proven moderately successful.

Thankfully, there is another option for the treatment of your Type 2 Diabetes, the LAP-BAND® System.
The true advantage of the LAP-BAND® System and the key to achieving remission of your Type 2 Diabetes is the sustained weight loss that it promotes.

Take control of your Type 2 Diabetes
Recent studies have shown that patients with Type 2 Diabetes who use the LAP-BAND® System are more likely to achieve remission of their diabetes versus those who use conventional treatments. In fact, 73% of patients with Type 2 Diabetes achieve remission of their symptoms. This should come as a relief to those nearly 2 million Canadians who are currently suffering from the disease.

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The LAP-BAND® System is the only adjustable laproscopic gastric banding device that is Health Canada approved to be a source of improvement or remission of Type 2 Diabetes through weight-loss. And has already been a well-established weight-loss option in Canada for over a decade.

Read the full article Adjustable Gastric Banding and Conventional Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes.

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SmartShape Weight Loss

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Maples Surgical Centre
 is proud to offer weight loss services through the SmartShape Weight Loss brand. Lap-Band surgeries can be accessed at SmartShape Weight Loss Centres’ location in Regina, SK, just a 5-hour drive from Winnipeg, MB. This partnership enables us to offer patients the highest level of bariatric care available. SmartShape Weight Loss Centre provides patients with a comprehensive program to guide you through your weight loss journey and has a network of trained affiliated healthcare professionals to help patients living with lap band in over 50 cities and towns across Canada.

Why SmartShape?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has been helping people achieve significant and sustained weight loss since 2005. They provide proven weight loss options combined with resources and a comprehensive support system to monitor and analyze your individual progress to help ensure you meet your goals. Additionally, SmartShape continually participates in global studies, publishes results in respected medical journals, and speaks at Canadian and International conferences – so patients can be confident their care will be conducted using the latest research, with the highest expertise.

If you are interested in these or related weight loss procedures, please contact SmartShape Weight Loss at 1-888-278-7952 or to obtain more information.

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