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Am I a candidate for LAP-BAND® System Procedure?

The LAP-BAND® System is designed for people who are seriously overweight and have tried many times to lose weight without long-term success. It is not for someone looking to lose 20 or 30 pounds. Only people with a BMI of 35 or more should consider weight-loss surgery as a viable option.

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You may be eligible for the LAP-BAND® System procedure if:

  • You are between the ages of 19 and 65.
  • Your BMI is 35 to 50 or you are at least 100 pounds overweight (maximum weight of 400 lb/181.8 kg).
  • You have weight-related health problems (co-morbidities).
  • You have been overweight for over five years.
  • You have seriously attempted weight loss, but it has resulted only in short-term success.
  • You are not suffering from a disease that has caused you to be seriously overweight.
  • You are prepared to make significant changes to your eating habits and lifestyle.
  • You are willing to be monitored by us on a long-term basis.
  • You do not drink alcohol in excess.
  • You do not need a walker or wheelchair to get around.

The LAP-BAND® System procedure is not right for you if:

  • You are under 19 or over 65.
  • You have an inflammatory disease or condition of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, Crohn’s disease or severe esophagitis).
  • You have severe heart or lung disease (or some other condition) that makes you a poor candidate for surgery.
  • You have a problem that could cause bleeding in the stomach.
  • You have portal hypertension, cirrhosis or chronic pancreatitis.
  • Your esophagus, stomach or intestine is not considered normal (this can be congenital or acquired).
  • You have ever had an intra-operative gastric injury, such as a gastric perforation at or near the location of the band placement.
  • You are pregnant. (If you become pregnant after surgery, the band may need to be deflated. The same is true if you need more nutrition for any other reason, such as serious illness.)
  • You are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
  • You have an infection anywhere on your body.
  • You are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment.
  • You can’t or won’t follow the dietary rules that are a key part of the procedure.
  • You might be allergic to the materials in the device.
  • You are unable to tolerate pain from an implanted device.
  • You or someone in your family has an autoimmune connective tissue disease.

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SmartShape Weight Loss

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Maples Surgical Centre
 is proud to offer weight loss services through the SmartShape Weight Loss brand. Lap-Band surgeries can be accessed at SmartShape Weight Loss Centres’ location in Regina, SK, just a 5-hour drive from Winnipeg, MB. This partnership enables us to offer patients the highest level of bariatric care available. SmartShape Weight Loss Centre provides patients with a comprehensive program to guide you through your weight loss journey and has a network of trained affiliated healthcare professionals to help patients living with lap band in over 50 cities and towns across Canada.

Why SmartShape?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has been helping people achieve significant and sustained weight loss since 2005. They provide proven weight loss options combined with resources and a comprehensive support system to monitor and analyze your individual progress to help ensure you meet your goals. Additionally, SmartShape continually participates in global studies, publishes results in respected medical journals, and speaks at Canadian and International conferences – so patients can be confident their care will be conducted using the latest research, with the highest expertise.

If you are interested in these or related weight loss procedures, please contact SmartShape Weight Loss at 1-888-278-7952 or to obtain more information.

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