Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery


If you are seriously overweight and diets and exercise simply aren’t working for you, the Lap-Band bariatric surgery may help.

This minimally invasive procedure involves placing an adjustable band around the stomach to make it smaller, so that patients tend to eat less, allowing them to safely lose weight and be more likely to keep it off.

Many individuals who have lost weight with the Lap Band System have improved their health by reducing their risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, hypertension and other serious conditions associated with obesity, as well as noticing an improvement in their overall quality of life. The Lap Band is a reliable, clinically tested, Health Canada and FDA approved procedure that has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world lead healthier, happier lives. However, individual results may vary, and a specific medical outcome or permanent, long term results for individuals who have the lap band procedure cannot be guaranteed.

The Lap-Band system is produced by Apollo Endosurgery, a medical device company with products are offered in over 80 countries. Apollo is focused on developing minimally invasive obesity treatments using device based therapies to lower complication rates and reduce surgery costs.

Lap-Band surgeries can be accessed at the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre location in Regina, SK, just a 5-hour drive from Winnipeg, MB.


Lap Band for fighting Diabetes

Apollo’s Lap-Band is the only gastric banding device to be approved for the remission of Type 2 Diabetes. A clinical trial compared the results of Lap-Band® therapy with the best conventional therapy of diet, exercise and counselling. Both groups received the same supports to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle behaviours. Diabetes remission rates were 73 per cent for those who had surgery compared to 13 per cent for conventional therapy groups – that means patients who lost weight with the Lap Band System were over five times more likely to achieve remission of Type 2 Diabetes than those receiving conventional diabetes therapy. Those who had the surgery lost an average of 21 per cent of their excess body weight compared to only two per cent among the non-surgical group.*

Surgical weight loss procedures are recognized by the Canadian Diabetes Association for appropriate patients when other interventions fail to achieve a healthy body weight, and Health Canada has approved the Lap-Band® system used at SmartShape as a treatment option for type II diabetes.

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SmartShape Weight Loss

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Maples Surgical Centre
 is proud to offer weight loss services through the SmartShape Weight Loss brand. Weight loss surgeries can be accessed at SmartShape Weight Loss Centres’ location in Regina, SK, just a 5-hour drive from Winnipeg, MB. This partnership enables us to offer patients the highest level of bariatric care available. SmartShape Weight Loss Centre provides patients with a comprehensive program to guide you through your weight loss journey and has a network of trained affiliated healthcare professionals to help patients living with lap band in over 50 cities and towns across Canada.

Why SmartShape?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has been helping people achieve significant and sustained weight loss since 2005. They provide proven weight loss options combined with resources and a comprehensive support system to monitor and analyze your individual progress to help ensure you meet your goals. Additionally, SmartShape continually participates in global studies, publishes results in respected medical journals, and speaks at Canadian and International conferences – so patients can be confident their care will be conducted using the latest research, with the highest expertise.

If you are interested in these or related weight loss procedures, please contact SmartShape Weight Loss at 1-888-278-7952 or to obtain more information.

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Patient Resource: Lap-Band Connect
Lap-Band Connect provides Canadian Lap-Band patients with post-operative support. Find resources to help you with your health and weight loss goals and interact with other patients.


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