Our Team of Winnipeg Doctors and Surgeons

If you are considering surgery, your choice of a suitably qualified surgeon is both significant and challenging. Key concerns normally revolve around doctors training, experience, type of anaesthetic application and complications arising from surgery.

Maples Surgical Centre provides a team of highly qualified, experienced surgeons versed in the most up-to-date techniques. In addition to broad-based proficiency, each surgeon has a particular area of specialization, thereby assuring expert treatment in all procedures we perform at the centre.

Each surgical procedure is overseen by a skilled anaesthetist, ensuring optimum safety and quality care. This coupled with commitment of the patient to follow pre and post-operative instructions, promotes quicker recovery.

Please contact us directly and we’ll provide you with the names of the surgeons in the specialty you require.

Maples Surgeons:

Dr. Edward Buchel (Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Jennifer Giuffre (Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Brenda Hildebrand (Urologist)
Dr. Gigi Osler (ENT Surgeon)
Dr. Manfred Ziesmann (Plastic Surgeon)

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